Hypnobirthing…this is no FAD! (Part 1)

…“It all begins and ends with your mind, what you give power to, has power over you if you allow it” – LB

I personally have always felt terrified by the thought of labour. I have sat and researched at length the options of a C-section or natural birth (reading countless stories online), and the only conclusion we come to is…”F*@K, the only way out is pain.” Many mothers-to-be see a C-section as the ‘easy’ way. I ask, why would you want major abdominal surgery? I applaud the women who have braved the C-section through choice or no choice of their own. This seems by far the tougher option.
Intervention is what I was always most afraid. Each story I read about mums who have been induced as they reach 10+ days over the ‘DUE DATE’, horrified me! I have taken the method not to disclose my due date to people when asked, the pressure is too much. I would rather my phone wasn’t a hotline on this specific date with ‘are you in labour yet??’. For all expectant mama’s, do your research about being induced and your so called ‘due date’, I really advise knowing how this act of intervention can affect your labour experience. If I can avoid this I will – we have other options!

When I found out we were having Baby K, I was guilty of reading the labour horror stories & watching clips of One Born Every Minute on YouTube (warning: DO NOT DO THIS, you are guaranteed to sweat and panic).
…Then I heard about the wonder that is Hypnobirthing…hallelujah!

I started researching early on by following other hypno-birthing advocates and Mother’s on Instagram. Instagram is my life line for positive baby and pregnancy advice, the honesty of other mama’s is incredible and can be rather emotional!
Hypnobirthing (in a nut shell) starts and ends with a positive & supportive environment, with a strong understanding from you birth partner. I am lucky and grateful the husband of mine is for the pros of hypnobirthing and supports my decision. It also helps me that he is a sponge and doesn’t forget what I tell him!
For those who are new to this birthing method, I imagine a quick summary could have some feeling sceptical.

I will be honest, at first I was unsure how effective hypnosis could be in relieving such pain. Then I read The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves (KG Hypnobirthing).
Before studying, I was judgmental and dismissive about certain aspects of Hypnobirthing; such as changing certain words to help my birthing environment. Take the word ‘pain’ for instance, how will changing this word affect my mind? –
Someone asks you, ‘are you in pain?’ and you automatically try and think of somewhere on your body that is hurting, try this instead as ‘are you comfortable?’ – and the two questions (with the same meaning) have a completely different affect on your thoughts.
Fast forward to now, I advocate this approach! Words mean everything, and this is the starting point to Hypnobirthing.

The Hypnobirthing Book has been a huge learning curve about; our nervous system, positions for birth, pelvic floor exercises, perineal massage, the stages of labour…the list goes on. All leading to helping you remain calm and relaxed.
I have had several mama’s get in touch hailing Hypnobirthing as a gift to them; some having not had a great first birth before they knew about Hypnobirthing, then a beautiful calm second birth after using the method.
My community midwife is all for the benefits of hypnobirthing which I find incredibly supportive. My friend Katy, also a midwife, highly regards the method and was the first person to really talk to me about the option – so thanks Katy!

The key is to switch off from the outside and other opinions, be relaxed knowing that no labour story is the same and you are about to write your own story.
I already credit Hypnobirthing in helping me during the labour count down. I am no longer afraid that my body ‘can’t’, all negativity towards going in to labour has disappeared. If I don’t get the calm experience I hope for, I really cannot be bitter – I know I have tried my hardest to prepare my body and mind!

As you read the above, you will remind yourself that I personally have not experienced labour yet, so what could she know?
With around 10 weeks to go, my mind and body is positive and ready. Call me crazy, but I am really looking forward to the experience.
I prepare my mind with the KG Hypnobirthing audios and book, and I keep my body prepared with yoga.
Advice taken from The Hypnobirthing book, I have the following mantra in my diary, something I read each day “My mind & body are ready for my baby’s arrival. My birth will go exactly as it should”

I hope Part 2 of my labour story will be a positive account about how I kicked labours ass! – I do promise an honest account whatever our story is to be (no holding back)!

Wish us luck…

R x

The Hypnobirthing Book and audios are available at: https://www.kghypnobirthing.com/books.html


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  1. Andrea Hickey February 21, 2017 / 10:13 pm

    It’s definitely mind over matter with regards to controlling the pain in labour. When I was having contractions with Caleb I would focus and imagine the pain being like a hill- it will reach the top and go down. I managed great with a bit of gas and air using this method. Once I knew Caleb was stuck and needed a c section the I lost control of the pain and found in unbearable. With the twins I had an epidural as they had to prolong the labour and I did think to myself why does anyone go through the pain when this takes it all away! Staying calm and focussed will get you through it xx

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