Eating for two is a load of old crap…the reality of my third trimester diet!

We are almost 33 weeks in (delighted…ecstatic…and ready for baby now!!) and this past fortnight has by far been the most testing! I still count myself as bloody lucky that I am having a great pregnancy; my only struggle or gripe is diet related. The harsh reality; bloating, heart burn, constipation, trapped wind (pain like no other), taste buds are all over the place.

Who is with me on all the above?

Pre-pregnancy, I was a serial breakfast skipper and now it is my key (and favorite) meal of the day. The cereal addiction kicked in around the end of my first trimester and hasn’t diminished…I live for this meal, I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner! However on a bad day, my appetite completely goes after breakfast. I feel full all day, uncomfortable and bloated. This is where taking your vitamins comes in so important to act as a supplement for what you simply cannot manage!
I suppose some woman are lucky during pregnancy and continue to enjoy meal times. I on the other hand have not really enjoyed a meal since I found out I was pregnant. My hormones have wreaked havoc on my taste buds, and I loved my food!

No one warned me how uncomfortable and claustrophobic you can feel around your middle now the baby is at a fair size, especially after eating. Your day to day activities will have a huge effect on this too. I generally work on a laptop sat down all day, which can be uncomfortable. Making a conscious effort to get up and walk around during work is so important now. Equally, during the evenings all I want to do is crash out after dinner; instead I need to stay up right or bounce on the magical ball.

This brings me to the ‘eating for two’ statement…for me, this is bullshit. I’m struggling to eat small portions through the day, never mind almost double my daily intake as some women talk about. I suppose it is a good thing, as I haven’t gained a huge amount of weight, just the bump.
Below are some of my diet highs and lows with some tips…

1. On the good days, I can go from feeling fine to ravenous in one minute flat. I go completely hypo and need to binge on anything high in carbs or sugar quick…a tip here, carry snacks (healthy biscuit/cereal bar/fruit)

2. Beware of the foods you thought were safe, they bloat you and give crippling pain. Not all fruits are our friend…beware of apples (I was addicted), but it seems I am struggling to break them down and they leave me in a world of pain for hours. After one apple, I am spending most evenings in down dog with no pants on – this is not sexy (I will just leave you with that image!)

3. Part and parcel of the pregnancy cravings, which I am sure most pregnant women have been worrying about is the one we just can’t seem to avoid; sugar, sugar & sugar! It really is so tempting to binge on beige and sweet foods for every meal, but resist the urge for your own good and your tiny human!
I went from no sweet tooth to wanting sweets & chocolate every day. But what is too much? …If your diet is balanced and you are taking your supplements I suppose a little treat in the evening doesn’t hurt. Twix bars and ice cream are my all-time favorite sweet to satisfy my sugar craving at the moment…boring?…maybe so, but whatever keeps a pregnant girl happy! Just keep it in moderation and don’t binge all day on Haribo.

In summary, the dos and don’ts…

My eating dos
-Drink plenty of water
-Allow your ‘naughty’ cravings in moderation. A sweet treat is fine as long you have a balanced diet.
-Take your prenatal vitamins, your body and baby need these to substitute the tough days!
-Eat high fiber foods; cereal (bran based)/wholemeal bread/potato/beans beans beans.

My eating don’ts
-Don’t over eat, you will regret this later (and ‘eating for two’ is not an excuse)
-Don’t over salt your food or eat overly salty packaged foods. This will dehydrate you and kick up your swelling (and that is not a good look)
-Avoid going to bed straight after food, go for a walk or bounce on that ball!
-Avoid too much spice…the heartburn is torture.

Everything in moderation is key…I hope you are enjoying your foods more than I am and good luck!!

R x


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