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On Thursday I attended, courtesy of Oh Me Oh Mama, their Mummy to Be; Pre Natal event, held at the fabulous Lifestyle Collective space in Allerton. Nope, I am not a mummy to be again (not just yet). During this event, the host, the key speakers and I all declared our love for the internet and social media. How lucky are we to have this amazing world at our finger tips! Without social media, the fabulous people who made this event possible, mums to be, nan’s to be, aunties to be; would not have been in this room together sharing stories and helping each other. Not only was there food, drink (soft drinks) and amazing insight from the speakers – the lucky mums to be got pampered by Rachel and her team from Lifestyle Collective. It was 3 wonderful hours!

I have been asking the lovely Alishia Thomas, if I can share a blog about her business and story for sometime. Busy schedules have caught us out!
Alishia is a mum of one, breastfeeding advocate, founder & owner of Oh Me Oh Mama and absolute girl boss.
I first met Alicia in 2012, networking in the same groups when we were working for city centre based companies. (I’m now on maternity leave, while Alishia is rocking her own business).
I was so lucky to be able to attend this event, meet inspirational influencers, professionals, and share on my blog. Thank you Alishia, your ambitious and tenacious ideas brought us this fabulous evening and my opportunity to meet Hannah Horne and Rebecca Rowley.

During the event Hannah Horne shared with the group her experience in Perinatal Mental Health, Midwifery and all things pregnancy, birth and motherhood. To be honest, I could have sat and listened to Hannah all day on this vast topic. It was a breath of fresh air to hear the honesty about how woman can feel post baby! Hannah has around 18 years experience working in the NHS. Hannah has two son’s aged 5 & 7. After her second Baby, Hannah decided to blog about the transition post baby called ‘When a baby is born, so is a mother’.
Hannah began her passionate talk to all the mummies to be about the transition from ‘Woman to Mother’. So relevant, and for me, relatable. Hannah was addressing all things we can struggle with as a new Mum, struggles which can lead to post natal depression. Which, as women, we do not want to admit to post natal depression, or talk about this at all.
I had tears in my eyes listening to Hannah’s own real struggle with transition from woman to mother. Its real, why do we hide from it? This was a breath of fresh air for every new mum, and mum to be in the room!
Hannah, thank you for being brave. Being a realist. By sharing your wisdom, you have helped me, and you have inspired all those mummies to be not to be afraid. We can overcome any struggles with the help of the amazing people around us. We just need to talk.

It was inspirational to meet and chat with Rebecca Rowley, owner of Beau Baby, Mum to little Ralph and two stepsons Oscar & Harvey. Rebecca made the decision to leave the NHS after 20 years as a paediatric nurse. Rebecca setup Beau Baby back in 2015, specialising in supporting women through fertility, pregnancy, birth and post natal. This is achieved through group sessions and private sessions in areas such as pregnancy relaxation, hypnobirthing and fertility massage therapy. Rebecca was so passionate in what she was delivering, watching the group become relaxed listening to insights in to hypnobirthing and pregnancy relaxation was amazing. The aim of this event was achieved when all mummies to be enjoyed a relaxation at the end of the event. Rebecca took the group in to a deep hypnosis, everything I love about hypnobirthing! Watching was inspiring and made me excited about my own future teaching hypnobirthing…thank you Rebecca.

Image: Rebecca Rowley & Hannah Horne.

There is no other events in Liverpool that offers what Oh Me Oh Mama created last Thursday, I for one hope there is more when I have baby number two! Watch this space for the next one, I will be shouting about it from the roof tops…

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