My name is Rachael (yep, that’s me – in the middle at my absolute happiest).  I’m a marketeer, married, mama to our beautiful daughter Bobbi Rae, red wine & movie lover, yogi & part time procrastinator.

I live in Liverpool (in the love-able suburb Aigburth);  working full time in the hospitality industry.  I’m 30, enjoy a ridiculously good social life with insanely great friends & family!

In the week you will find me travelling (non-geographically!) all over the North and South of the country.  At the weekends…I will be anywhere from Yoga to the couch to Lark Lane (eating, drinking, watching movies). Until March 2018 I will be enjoying maternity leave!

I love travelling, eating & drinking out, cooking (but lucky for me the husband is quite the chef), yoga, watching movies & walking.

Finding ‘who I am’ and ‘what am I great at’ is a big question on my lips.  Our tiny human arrived in May and turned my life upside down for the better (or the right way up, however you want to look at it). My biggest fear is always procrastinating, not following my gut or doing what makes me happy!

So here it goes…I will be honest, I have never thought myself as a writer.  I love reading lifestyle blogs, reading about other people living their dreams and achieving their goals. I made myself 3 goals for 2017; 1. Be the best Mum I can be (that’s a scary one!) 2. Start (this) blog and stick to it! 3.Visit somewhere I have never been at least once a month.

The blog is a perfect opportunity for me to document how my world is about to turn upside down (BABY No 1), my online journal if you like!

Instead of being on a constant pursuit of happiness, enjoy what I have right in front of me.  I am all about TIME now, no matter how much money we have without time we have nothing!

Hopefully, if you like the above aim of my blog (along with food, drink, yoga, movies & the great outdoors) you will stick around for my future posts.

R x


  1. Julie clarke January 29, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    What a great idea and lively words to start your blog. Love mum. Xxxxx

  2. Lisa Jones January 30, 2017 / 4:29 am

    Good luck! It will be a brilliant outlet for you to have some alone/Rach/adult time. Wish I’d had done something similar #goalgoals xx

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